Using Securus Technologies to Solve Cold Cases

I was moved to the cold case division of our local law enforcement department, and was handed one of the most challenging cases our team has ever worked on. A fugitive had been on the run for a decade, and we knew he was getting help from a local gang, but could never find the link between the two. It seemed that just when we were about to tighten the noose on this suspect, he would slip through and be gone for another year.


We received an anonymous tip that our fugitive was going to be returning to the city to pick up some cash before heading back out of the country. The caller told us the fugitive was selling drugs in large quantities, and was about to meet up with associates somewhere in the city. Although this information was helpful, the city is huge and he could be meeting up just about anywhere. It would be impossible to set up a perimeter to watch each street.


On a hunch, I headed to the jail to try to meet with gang leaders with hopes to break the case. While there, the officers informed me of the Securus Technologies inmate phone system that was installed recently. I was trained to use the LBS software, and with that, I sat down and decided to listen to the gang leaders chatter rather than reason with them. The software detected exactly what I was waiting for, word about an associate meeting the fugitive for a transfer.


We then dropped a locating device on the car of the gang member, and he would lead us right to the meeting place where we brought the fugitive into custody with no incident. The Securus Technologies system has been instrumental in helping us to solve many cold cases in the region.


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