Jason Hope: The Internet Of Things Is Already Here

Jason Hope is a technology pundit who is a strong believer of the Internet of Things. According to Hope, the Internet of Things is the new frontier in the technology industry. He has written several articles showing the direction that technology is headed. The Internet of Things is a connected technology that syncs devices, which are used in our daily lives. This technology allows devices to share data and increase efficiencies while reducing wastes.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will restructure the way businesses are done. Since big corporations are adopting this technology, other companies will have no option but to adopt Internet of Things if they need to remain competitive in the market. Standard day schedules such as making coffee in the morning and turning on lights will be controlled using smartphones in the near future. Contrary to majority thinking, rural residents will as well benefit from this technology. The rural residents will benefit from GPS tracking and emergency responses that will reduce service delivery.

Jason Hope’s Education
Jason Hope is a decorated futurist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and an investor who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Globally, he is known for his passion for technology and philanthropy. Hope graduated with bachelor’s degree in finance from the Arizona State University before earning his MBA from the same institution. Jason is skilled in business development, start-ups, and business strategy. Jason is also a philanthropist funding anti-aging science.

Relationship with SENs foundation
Recently, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENs foundation. This donation was directed towards rejuvenation biotechnologies research. Hope is devoted to funding research in rejuvenation biotechnologies in his quest to fight age-related health conditions.

Learn more about Jason Hope and his travels here.

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