What Makes the Lung Institute the Best Treatment Center for Lung Disease

Everyday research and technology are aiding in the prevention of disease, are curing them, or at least treating them. The Lung Institute is a leading provider in treatment for lung conditions such as COPD, emphysema, and much more. What makes this institution so innovative is that it uses stem cell therapy. There are traditional methods to treat lung diseases but they often only treat them symptoms and allow the disease to further damage your lungs.

There are two ways stem cells are extracted, by blood or bone marrow. The blood venous is obviously the preferred method as it is less painful and usually has enough stem cells to treat the condition. In some cases, however, a severe disease with extensive damage may need a higher concentration of stem cells. The best way to harvest such a high amount of stem cells is through the bone marrow. As scary as that may sound, you can rest assured that both procedures are considered very safe and minimally invasive.

Once the blood has been collected, it will need to be filtered in a process that permits the separation of stem cells from all of the other cells. The stem cells will the be inserted back into the blood stream. As the heart pumps blood through the heart, these same stem cells will be carried to the lungs. Here the stem cells will collect and become trapped in the lungs. Due to the nature of stem cells, they have the ability to replicate surrounding healthy tissue which will result in the damaged tissue being replaced. More detailed information on stem cell treatment discussed on lunginstitute.com.

The expected time it takes to do stem cell therapy with the Lung Institute takes about three days on average. To get a better idea of what type of treatment you may need, you can find more information here. There are a number of facility locations throughout the United States making it easier for patients to obtain such a high quality of care and treatment.

Visit the website: https://lunginstitute.com/ and Facebook page for more information.


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