Lori Senecal, A Pioneer for Women

The global C.E.O. Of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori Senecal, grew up in Montreal as the youngest of four girls. In an interview with Laura Dunn from the Huffinton Post, Lori says that growing up with three talented, older sisters really helped to shape the leader that she is today. “I had to work to carve out my own identity and accomplishments.” Her parents had a really strong work ethic, which helped them to push their children work hard and reach for the stars.

While in college, Lori Senecal didn’t really have a plan set out for her future. When she graduated, she sent out several resumes and hoped for an offer she would like to accept. That offer came from an agency in Toronto in their media department. In doing that, she created an opportunity for herself and that is a philosophy she still references to this day. “If I take action, other possibilities appear.” Her career really took off after this opportunity was available to her.

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Prior to becoming the first woman global CEO of CP&B, Lori Senecal worked for KBS. Thanks to her, KBS is known as the best branding agency for inventions. Under her leadership, KBS is from a domestic company of only 250 people into a global agency of 800. This is why at KBS the title of Global Executive Chairman fits her so well. KBS was formally KBP but the dent that she made within the company pushed for them to rename it. What was once Kirschenbaum Bond & Partners is now Kirschenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners. Lori Senecal’s background is full of success and she continues to amaze the world with her talent.

Lori Senecal made a great effort to spend time mentoring young women during her time at KBS. She allowed young up and coming female leaders to access her as a way to accelerate their experience and perspective. It didn’t stop there though. Lori continues to work with young women and reach out to them in the same manner. She is a pioneer woman pushing for leadership roles for women around the world.

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