Smart, Fun, Innovative: EOS

EOS brand got it’s start in the lip balm market, although recently with the expansion in the brand has been able to provide lotions and shave creams with more products expected on the horizon. In a recent article by Fast Company, founders Craig Dubinsky, Jonathan Teller, and Sanjiv Mehra all had collective experience in product packaging and startup companies. Their ability to join forces, put their heads together and find a niche they felt was lacking turned into an incredible success.

The chap stick aisle; unassuming, but the perfect place to shake up the market for this ingenious trio. As an all male team, they they had the insight to know that the female opinion would be invaluable. They took the time to ask women what they really wanted out of a lip balm product, and the women answered. Something easy to use, that didn’t leave their fingers sticky. A product preferably using organic and natural ingredients. Something that smelled good, and tasted yummy.

EOS lip balm answered and delivered that balm outfitted in just the right way. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the smart entrepreneurs invested in custom machinery that could make their balms to keep up with demand rather than to pay for marketing that they didn’t really need. As the products gained popularity, they incorporated marketing that reflected the fun and modern nature of the brand. Popular pop culture stars like Miley Cyrus featured the balms in edgy music videos sweeping the nation. Pop country music star Taylor Swift even took the Racked product overseas to Asia expanding the product to that market in a way that consumers would respond.

This smart endeavor has grown this product exponentially and consumers can expect to see more coming from this expanding company in farther reaches of the glove and new and different exciting products.

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