Michael Zomber Provides A Glimpse Into History

There are many people in the world who have made a difference in many areas of life. People use their talents and gifts in various ways to help organizations and people. Often the areas where people help tend to fall in areas where they have a passion or deep interest, this is the case with Michael Zomber.

Known as an author, Mr. Zomber has written several novels. The novels that he has written include “Sweet Betsy That’s Me”, “Jesus and the Samurai”, “Park Avenue”, ” Shogun Iemitsu” and “A Son of Kentucky”. The novels written by Mr. Zomber provide an interesting read for his readers and give a look into his personality. The various novels written by Mr. Zomber give readers a literature ride that takes them through many facets of the characters and the storyline.

Michael Zomber has many passions. One of his greatest passions is history. Mr. Zomber has a solid knowledge base concerning history. He established a production company with his wife that produces films regarding history related topics. An area of history that Mr. Zomber has superior knowledge about is guns and swords. Recognized as a collector of weapons, Mr. Zomber offers historical information related to various weapons from different time periods.

As a weapons historian, Mr. Zomber has contributed to the history channel on many occasions regarding his almost 30 years of collecting antique weapons. As a collector, Mr. Zomber collects and sells various weapon items. He makes it a point to let people know about the various weapons that he sells before the weapons are sold. In addition, he gives significant information about the weapons he collects.

A talented writer and an educated man with a passion for history, Mr. Zomber gives of his money, time, and talent to preserve and share the history of antiques such as his weapons collection. Always willing to take the time to provide a glimpse into history for people or organizations that want to know more about history, Mr. Zomber is a man who gives from the heart. Whether writing novels, collecting antiques, or producing films, Mr. Zomber offers a lot to the historical community and readers of all types of literature.

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