Lime Crime’s New Metallic Lipsticks and EyeShadows


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that doesn’t follow traditional fashion trends. The company offers colorful and bold products designed for people who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their cosmetics. Lime crime’s creator Doe Deere launched the company in 2006 after finding it difficult to locate make-up products that weren’t ultra natural. Deere wanted to have more whimsical choices in beauty products so she began modeling her unconventional looks on YouTube. Soon, Deere began selling products due to an increased demand seen by females who also wanted to have vivid eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes for themselves.

In August 2016,  Lime Crime launched their highly anticipated Metalic Velvetine liquid lipsticks and their super shimmery Superfoil Eyeshadows. PR Newswire makes the case that the Metallic Velvetine lip colors are different from their ordinary lipstick, because they have a glittery finish that stays put after drying to a matte finish. The three new colors available from the line are a bubblegum pink rose gold color called Blondie, a purple metallic mauve called Mercury, and the burnished bronze color Lana.


Superfoil Eyeshadows were also launched in August 2016 and are dramatically different from any other make-up product on the market. These products actually look like liquid foil after they are applied to the lids. The product has a very shimmery, glittery, and shiny effect and can be put on in a wet or dry state. Buyers have six duo options to select from on UrbanOutfitter’s website. They can choose a grass green/ pewter set referred to as Electric/Barbella. In addition, a bright purple/pale pink set called Tutu/En Pointe or a violet/green gold duo called Cosmic/Firefly can be purchased. Buyers may also like to own a bright blue/Barbie pink set called Malibu/Convertible. There is also a bronze-y gold/ baby blue combination called Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper available.


Lime Crime has always been innovative in offering unique make-up colors to buyers. However, they have changed the cosmetic industry with these new lines that they have introduced. Fans keep coming back to Lime Crime after all these years, because they know that the products are unique and fun.  Follow their blog for updates, but also check out their social media for free tips on wearing their many crazy colors.

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