How A Childhood Of Imagination Shaped Doe Deere’s Life

Many people today aren’t quite sure where to begin when it comes to raising children. Many child rearing theories abound, leaving parents often confused. Yet one woman today credits her own upbringing for helping her become the success she is. Doe Deere, the creative force behind cosmetics company Lime Crime, is one person who finds that her childhood greatly helped her develop into a confident and happy mature young adult. She speaks out about her life as a child and her own background in a┬árecent interview online. Here, readers can find out what helped shape her concepts of the world and how this made her realize just how much fun and imagination she could can on as she got older. It is such insights that she hopes readers will enjoy and perhaps consider how they can help bring out creativity in their own children.

Artistry And Imagination

Even as a child, Deere thought about the world around her in new ways. She was always aware of color from a young age, allowing her to escape to a world of fantasy. This viewpoint gradually came to her when she was very young. She recounts an incident when she was nine year old that helped her understand how the power of makeup could be used correctly and effectively. At a slumber party, she realized that makeup could be used in a way to help her create a new character and a new look. While she could dress up, it was with the use of makeup that the look she had in mind started to come together. Here, she first began to conceive of a world in which color would be her medium.

Creating A Company

While her first attempts with makeup were tentative and unsure, as she grew older she became aware of the power of cosmetics. She also started to realize that she could make a difference in the industry. Since that time, Deere has started her own online makeup company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime, an enormous success, is one company where she has been able to see her ideas about makeup come to life in vivid and inspiring color. It is here she shows off what she learned even a young child. She has never let go of the imagination that as hers when she was younger. She still calls on that early worldview even today in her work.

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