Davos Real Estate Group launches new application

June 22, 2016, David Osio who is the founder and the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group accompanied by his executive team of Davos Real Estate Group (REG) launched a new mobile application. The application Davos CAP Calculator is to be used by the Davos group clients and it is intended to estimate the returns of the real estate investments.

Davos Real Estate Group is a unit that forms Davos Financial Group. The financial group has been in the financial industry for over two decades now, and it is recognized as an international financial group and also a leader in the Latin American market. The team strives to offer comprehensive financial advice.

The executive director of REG Gerard Gonzalez has been working together with the company Technolution regarding the application. The tool is developed and designed to allow the user to estimate the return of an investment asset.

The application is a result of the latest technology and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The application helps compromise the ability to identify assets through your device and sent historical reports of the respective agents at Davos and encourages interactive chats.

David Osio says that the primary objective of the application is to guide the clients on monetary phenomenon especially when investing in real estate in the United States. In addition, Gerard Gonzalez states that with CAP calculator, they have developed an innovative tool that enables the investors to have a clear financial vision.

Additionally, the application comes with a mortgage calculator which allows their clients to project their mortgages based on banks valuation, period and expected interest rates. Equally, the firm illustrates that they have been developing new business strategies in partnership with real estate agencies intentionally and planned to expand their business beyond borders to Europe.

Gerard says that the organization is currently working on various projects that will allow them to fulfill their commitment to their clients and provide excellent services. This includes expanding their platforms of agents by over 60% which has resulted in over 75% sales increase in the first half of 2016.

David Osio, the founder of the firm, has committed to providing exceptional financial advice to his clients. David through his philanthropic passion, strives to make a difference across the globe. He has served in executive positions in different organizations where he succeeded in structuring marketing programs for various products. His efforts and hard work have raised him to higher ranks in various agencies.

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