Mike Baur is a Switzerland entrepreneur and business person. He is also the co-founder and a managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He was fascinated with Banking and finance subject since he was a teenager. Mr. Baur made his early desire to his career. He attained his master degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester which is based in New York. He also holds an Executive Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Bern based in the Swiss capital. Mr. Baur worked in Swiss private banking for over 20 years which include Salford and Clariden Leu. He made his way from being a commercial trainee at UBS to an administrative board member of a Switzerland Private Bank. He later quit his position to start investing in startup businesses. Mr. Baur later founded Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister at the age of thirty-nine.


Swiss Start-up Factory is based in Switzerland. It was launched in 2014 as an accelerator company. It is a number one self-governing and privately financed Information Communication Technology Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. The company helps entrepreneurs to execute their products and succeed in their business. They assist in bringing startups from idea to marketplace. They turn the vision and dreams of entrepreneurs into the business person that are capable of running a fast growing corporation. The company offers exciting opportunities to its clients from the first day they become members through their secure system in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Start-up Factory run a start-up accelerator program for three months. The program provides a distinctive platform not only for services but also mentoring its clients in the Zurich. The company also provides its customers with a business network so that the firm can accomplish their determined objectives.


Mr. Baur is in charge of fundraising and funding the Swiss Start-up Factory. He spends most of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. Mr. Baur supports various Swiss Startups not only through mentoring but also through financing them. Mr. Baur contributed in the start Summiteer which is a start-up pitching competition to pitch Swiss Startup Factory. He was listed as deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory joined with CTI in 2016. Mr. Baur managed the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator system in early 2016 together with Goldbach Group. He also partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.

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