Marc Sparks Highly Transformative Social Entrepreneur Program

Spark Tank is a continuous, social innovation challenge program spearheaded by Marc Sparks to empower entrepreneurs to change the community around them. The winners of the challenge pockets $5,000 in cash and gets a platform to push through their causes.

According to GoodReads and Crunchbase, Marc Sparks with his wife Lynne Sipiora created Sparks Tank with the conviction that social entrepreneurs everywhere are critical in the success of the community. During the round two of the event, several organizations submitted inspiring entries highlighting the good things they are doing in the community. The Shark Tank nominating committee had a very difficult time choosing the winner for the inaugural event.

The three finalists in round two were Families Freedom, House of Eli and Mommies in Need. The non-profit organization Mommies in Need was finally declared the winner. The organization provides well-trained and vetted nannies to parents with small children to help them manage their affairs unperturbed.

The participating teams are each given 20 minutes to make submissions in form of presentations and giving response to rising questions. The shortlisted programs are evaluated based on several key denominators, including the ability of the presenters to give a compelling story; showing how the funds will impact the project and providing a measure of the outcomes.

According to, applying organizations must be 501c3 registered with at least 2 years of active service. Some of the organizations that are open to participate in the program include; human and animal services, art organizations and faith based initiatives with non-religious stance.

Eligible participants are free to apply online. In the first round of the challenge, a total of 14 applications from several counties in Texas, including Grayson, Collin and Denton were received. Submissions for round three of Sparks Tank Challenge will open through September 2016 and end on October 1st and the overall winner of the grant will be announced in December. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a keen interest in idea driven startups. According to, Marcs Sparks holds several company portfolios under Timber Creek Capital. He has also written several books designed to help business entrepreneurs find success in their ventures. In his highly inspirational book “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc shares a “rags to rich” story of his business success.

The book targets entrepreneurs who have difficulty achieving their targeted goals and those who feel like giving up altogether. Besides his entrepreneurial ventures, Marc is also a renowned philanthropist in the greater Dallas area. According Wikipedia, Marc’s humanitarian efforts are evident in the work he is doing with organizations such as Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity. He is also a strong supporter of a high school program in Dallas called American Can Academy.

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