The Sterling Reputation of ICMediaDirect

Recent studies suggest that the vast majority of potential customers won’t buy merchandise from a company that has any negative press. There are a number of outstanding online reputation companies that can help these companies repair their public images. One of the best of these is ICMediaDirect, a full-service public relations and content marketing company. They have even given out some free advice about how companies can recover from such a negative public image. The company can definitely be trusted with its advice, having a long truck record of helping a vast array of companies, celebrities, politicians, and athletes repair their own damaged reputations.
It has done more than repair damage and return clients to the status quo. It has, in fact, given them as better Reputation Defender than before. First, find out the source. If it is originating from a competing company, just request that they remove what they have said and cite proof how it is untrue. However, if the origin of the negative public opinion is an unhappy customer, analyze his or her comment. If it is just an opinion without any factual information, write a refutation with factual information. If it is an opinion based on facts, more extensive measures may be necessary.

In this instance, you should issue this person an offline apology and then state how you intend to proactively remedy the situation. Contacting the original complaint source personally will usually make the reparation process much easier. ICMediaDirect is so fully committed to reputation management that in 2015 it published a book on the subject that has dramatically revolutionized the industry. The company is also almost always represented at industry events and conferences where it shares its advice ideas. It is definitely one of the most respected such companies, having been awarded the New York Excellence Award to years in a row.