Overcoming Reputation Crisis

We came across an article about a reputation management company, Status Labs, that suffered from a reputation crisis. The article discussed how Status Labs’ reputation became tarnished due to negative press and how the company’s reputation became threatened.

The article detailed what the reputation firm did in order to repair and manage their reputation. One of the first things they did was called for the executive responsible for the negative attention to resign, and then they took the news to the media. Status Labs also did thing such as work with charities and non-profits, as well as doing more for their employees. Those are only a few things the company did to repair their reputation.

About Status Labs
Status Labs is an online reputation management company that is located in Austin. The company has offices in Brazil and New York City, and they have a large client base. As of now, the company has worked and still works with more than 1000 clients in dozens of countries. Some of the clients they work with are Fortune 100 brands and public figures. The company works with brands and public figures to help them complete their PR goals and international marketing goals.

Status Labs offers various services to help clients repair and manage their reputations. These services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google suggested & related search management, Google image curation and content automation technology. Other services the company offers include site audits, public relations, corporate re-branding, crisis response, social media management and Google AdWords. The company has years of experience in regards to helping companies of all sizes manage and rebuild their reputation.

If you are a brand that wants to improve or repair your online reputation, then consider hiring Status Labs. They can create a strategy that will improve your online reputation. Find them on Facebook to learn more about the company and services.

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