Securus Technologies Shines Much Needed Light On Global Tel Link Abuses

Due to the systematic wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link (GTL), Dallas based GTL, also one of the leading providers of inmate telecommunications, has been under fire for years due to fraudulent practices. LPSC has fielded a number of complaints against the provider for bilking inmates, family members and even law enforcement staff out of millions of dollars. GTL has yet to respond to the charges.

According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, GTL should be shamed into doing the right thing and cleaning up its act. “This debacle makes our entire industry look bad. We are in the business to help people not rip them off,” said Smith.

Many in the prison industry believe that GTL has been allowed to skate for far too long. “We have complained about this company for years,” said a prison insider.

GTL is accused of a long list of fraud and abuses. The shameful thing is that poor people are the ones more often affected by their lack of integrity. Smith says regardless of how and when the situation is resolved, it will surely leave a black eye on the industry.

The patterns and practices by GTL is a prime example as to why the industry needs oversight. Wrongdoers should be rooted out and barred from the industry for life.

“These are not little infractions,” said an insider. GTL’s abuses has put a huge burden on the citizens of the state of Louisiana. GTL formerly had a contract with the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

GTL has tried every scheme and trick in the book to line their pockets. Clients have complained about double billing, clock padding, fraudulent non-capping of per-minute charges and other abuses.