Securus Technologies Decides to Expose Global Tel. Link for its Dishonest Activities.

Securus Technologies is a leading technology firm that offers its services to civil and criminal justice facilities in the United States. The company’s services are beneficial to more than 1.2 million inmates in about 3450 correctional institutions, which are based Northern parts of America. Securus’ headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Its services include biometric analysis, communication, investigation, incident management, self-service for inmates, response to emergencies, inspecting products and services, information management, and offering information to the public. See their BBB official page.
Securus has made it public that it will soon share information, evidence, discoveries and articles that will show the public a couple of delinquencies that were conducted by Global Tel Link (GTL) []. GTL is a firm that offers inmate communication services but it participated in various misconducts. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, believes that companies in the inmate communication industry should prioritize the service they offer to the law enforcement institutions, convicts and the society as a whole. The sector’s goals are vital, and according to PR Newswire experts firms should ensure that they prioritize the client’s interests. Securus will in the next six months shame GTL for its fraudulent acts through a couple of press releases.

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The first publication that will be made by Securus will contain an approved Order Number U-20784-B that is 17 pages long, which was published by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana. The article provides dishonest acts that were conducted by the GTL when they were hired to offer services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The report released by the Louisiana PSC revealed that GTL’s telephones had clocks that were programmed to add 15 to 36 second to every call that was made. The telephones had call rates that were expensive than what was acceptable in its rule and the PSC. The GTL’s call costs were also inflated by adding extra unexplained charges to the average rating. There was double billing of calls, and all the fraudulent acts were done intentionally with an aim of overcharging the customers. GTL illegally took 1.243 million dollars from the Louisiana taxpayer’s money.