White Shark Media Not Content to Rest on Its Laurels

White Shark Media has been a leading Digital Marketing Agency since its inception in 2011. Offering end-to-end customer service for small to medium business owners, they have since become a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

White Shark offers one service many other businesses can’t – or won’t. The company adapts, adopts, and improves based on the input of its clients, as evidenced by recent changes announced by co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Lolk. The changes come as a direct result of listening to their clients’ suggestions regarding room for such improvements.

Business owners previously thought they couldn’t adequately view their reports; the process has been streamlined so clients can see the performance of their ads or even specific keywords. White Shark Media now provides for in-house installation of conversion tracking, no cost call tracking – for which they’ve partnered with Marchex – and offers the use of Google Analytics.

Previously, clients had to go through a receptionist to reach their contact, but now through the use of direct extensions and monthly status calls with shared computer screens via GoToMeeting, client communication has been made even simpler. SEM consultants now follow each client from the time they sign up, through the optimization process and are active in each client’s life cycle with the company. SEM strategists and senior staff now offer the service of helping clients to choose an SEO company, and review their SEO proposals.

White Shark Media will focus on existing successful campaigns where warranted, or create accounts from scratch, with each SEM strategist teamed with a supervisor to form a more experienced group to oversee and analyze the campaigns. By taking this approach, they can assure that new campaigns are not created to under-perform existing ones.

These client-motivated changes in White Shark business operations announced by Lolk in his WhiteSharkMedia.com blog demonstrate that moving into the future, their customers need only ask and they will receive.

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