Yeonmi Park’s Experience as a Defector

Yeonmi Park is one of the leading individuals when is comes to possessing passions for solving global problems. As a North North Korean defector, Ms. Park understands poverty as well as starvation and what it means to live at the mercy of an oppressive government. Her speech in 2014 to the One Young World summit is what marked her as one of the most passionate human rights activists in the world. Ms. Park in her new Amazon released book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom tells her story to the world in hopes that this will teach the world of what really goes on in this oppressive country. With millions of followers, this North Korean defector wants to unite all organizations to help fleeing North Korean refugees as well as to bring down the North Korean dictator.
Yeonmi Park’s new book is a way for her to overcome a difficult language barrier that she has experienced with living in a different country. Her story as retold b Daily Mail is a horrifying and sad story that must be heard by all around the world as a way of informing everyone of what goes on within closed borders. Ms. Park starts out her book with her birth which was in 1993 and her childhood. Born to a working class family, Ms. Park’s father was forced to smuggle metals into China to feed his family due to the economic collapse. As a result of this illegal activity, Ms. Park’s father was sent to a labor camp to take part in forced labor.

Ms. Park remembers that this is one of the many reasons that prompted her and her mother to flee for China. After bribing one of the guards of the border, Ms. Park and her mother were able to start making their way to China. Though they were free from their regime, the two women were subjected to human trafficking. These experiences that are recounted in Ms. Park’s book demonstrate why Yeonmi has a strong passion for helping others from her former country. Her goal is to not only raise awareness, but to also improve lives.

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