George Gascon is Accused of Making Disparaging Comments Against Minorities

George Gascon, the current District Attorney of San Francisco, seems to be criticising the same Police Department that he once praised. Gascon, who was the chief of police for the city of San Francisco, contributed to the state of the police department as it is today. The former president of the Police Officers Association, Gary Delagnes, has accused D.A. Gascon in a sworn deposition of making negative racial comments as well as being unsupportive of diversity when he was the police chief. Delagnes recounted an evening where he, Gascon, and two other gentlemen were having dinner and Gascon, who was Police Chief at the time, began making disrespectful comments about minorities. Gascon became so out of hand that an another guest of the establishment had to ask him to quiet down. Gascon’s comments were offensive and this African American family was bothered by Gascon’s behavior. Some may attribute his behavior to his heavy drinking that night, but it is known that alcohol brings those things to light that we hide inside.
Now that Gascon is the District Attorney things have changed and Delagnes is not happy with the ridicule that the police department is receiving as a result. According to Delagnes, he and Gascon met weekly but he was never informed that Gascon believed that there were some racial, gender, or sexual orientation biases within the police department. Delagnes is outraged that Gascon has publicly expressed his grievances against the organization that he once thought so highly of.
You have to wonder if Gascon has truly had a change of heart or are his current views for political gain? It is possible to have become enlightened and desire to right the wrongs of our past, but most likely Gascon is appealing to the masses. Although he may ruffle a few feathers within the police department for his current views, he has to do what is best for the community. Becoming conscience of biases that exist and trying to repair the negative stigma will only be beneficial in the long run. Political gain or not, he is doing the right thing.


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