Lime Crime Leads the Way in Instagram Followers

The changes brought about in society by the Internet have been huge, and they have had an impact not just on the way we socialize and communicate, but in how we conduct business. Today, businesses that know how to really take advantage of social media are seeing great benefits, but it does take a lot of know how and savvy to really make it work.

One of the companies that is using social media to its advantage in a very smart way is Lime Crime Cosmetics. This company was founded by CEO Doe Deere back in 2008, and since then this company, with it bold use of color and Internet savvy, is having a real impact on the beauty industry.

Right now Lime Crime has gone beyond 2 million followers on Instagram, which is a testament to Deere’s inventive use of this very visual site. Deere has gone beyond just promoting products on the Lime Crime Instagram site and has reached out to followers to post their own beauty ideas using Lime Crime. The result is a Instagram page that features countless photos of users wearing Lime Crime lipsticks and shadows in incredibly creative ways.

According to Deere on her blog, it’s this interactive feature of Instagram that is really getting followers excited and engaged.

For Lime Crime, with its full line of boldly colorful lipsticks, eye shadows and liners, Instagram is a great way to engage with users and really show the range of what these products can achieve. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, from Lime Crime itself to the women who want to use these cosmetics to look as boldly beautiful as can be. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @LimeCrime.

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