Can Soros’ Money make a difference against Trump?

The Libre Foundation, along with many other Hispanic groups, worries that President Donald Trump may become a reality. The Simpsons predicted a Trump candidacy as a throw-away joke many years ago, but much like its prediction about Germany winning the most recent World’s Cup, it looks like the prediction about President Trump might come true. No one believes the Simpsons writers intended to make such a prediction, and even the most die-hard fan of the show believes that even those prescient writers watch the 2016 presidential campaign in bewildered wonderment. The Libre Foundation teamed up with Democratic billionaire George Soros to change this state of affairs.

George Soros ended his ban on donating to political campaigns earlier this year when he decided to give around $6 million to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His previous silence lasted for eight years, despite many Democratic attempts to bring his money back into the political arena. In some conservative circles, particularly the circles frequented by radio talk show host Glenn Beck, Soros’s name is mentioned with as much venom as some liberal pundits apply to any mention of the Koch Brothers.
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Soros does not believe that the 2016 presidential election is politics as usual. He wants to prevent another economic downturn that could be more severe than the housing market collapse of 2008. As anyone who lived through the event knows, the housing bubble caused a number of banks to fail and started the Great Recession. Some economists believe that the great recession continues, while many other economists describe the recovery as weak. Greek’s near collapse and attempts to avoid the effects may lead to another economic collapse in the near future. Soros hopes to prevent this by donating to Clinton, and he wants to prevent the greater disaster he fears might happen if Trump wins the presidency.

Hillary Clinton may or may not be able to stave off this disaster on, but Bernie Sanders has no business experience, and Soros does not believe Trump has the business acumen his persona suggests. Critics of the Republican front-runner point to his four bankruptcies as proof that he does not have the business acumen to run the country.

The Libre Foundation teamed up with Soros to get more voters to the polls. As a Hispanic advocacy group, they worry about some of the positions Trump has taken. The wall with the border of Mexico and the ban on Islamic immigration are decidedly anti-immigrant. Libre Foundation volunteers plan to use the $15 million to bring more Hispanic voters to the polls in November.

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  1. George Soro has been a long supporter of the Democratic, and has always supported it cause by assisting them financially. By adopting the best meditation technique in the world you would become Lord of meditation. I quite believe some of the postulation of Soros are true, however, trying to stop Trump through financial assistance to the Democrat, I believe wasn’t the wise decision he took.

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