Beneful Offers Excellent Gourmet Dog Food for Half the Price

There are lots of gourmet dog brands out there. You can see them at WalMart grocery stores; they are becoming more and more popular, with refrigerated options like filet mignon and lamb for your pup. Sounds amazing for a favorite member of your family, right? Until you see the price tag. Some of these dog foods are at least twice what you would pay for a regular dog food brand. Is there any way a person could treat their dog and give them the best without breaking the bank? Maybe Beneful would be a good option.
Their Beneful dry dog food originals (link here: are with real salmon, real beef, and real chicken, along with vegetables, rice and sweet potatoes. Visit the Beneful website and you will get a great idea of what are the most popular options, with dog owners rating each product and giving their honest reviews. These original dry dog foods are basic but very popular, with users giving them high marks for their taste and the love their dogs have for them.

Another really popular option is their large dog dental treats, called Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. It’s gotten a solid four star review by users, who say it is a great value considering the large bag and very loved by their pets. Their Healthy Smile Dental Twists are also popular, peanut butter-flavored and with real parsley to clean teeth.

Their most popular wet dog foods are their Chopped Blends (link here: with beef, carrots, peas and barley, and their product with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Apparently, the taste of these two are particularly popular with the pooches. They also have Incredibites wet dog food as well for the smaller pups.

Beneful is a great way to spoil your dog without the price tag. The reviews on the website tell you all you need to know about their popularity. You know that you are giving your dog the best without seriously affecting your wallet.

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