Bustle Looks At The Wen By Chaz Shampoo

Bustle.com dispatched a female writer to have a look at WEN because it is such a popular shampoo. Wen shampoo is supposed to make it easy for women to deal with their fine hair, but the magazine had to know for sure if they were going to get the real deal.

The writer who was dispatched is a nice young lady who has very smooth but thin blonde hair. Her blonde hair has been shedding ever since she can remember, and she has tried everything in the book to help with the hair. The shedding can be pretty out of control, and she wanted to make sure that she could get some good results from the shampoo. She knew that she could look really good if she just made some changes to her routine, and the WEN made sure that she changed her routine.

The routine was changed when she found out that she did not have to use very much of Wen by Chaz Dean to begin with. It takes basically no shampoo to get the hair clean, and it helped her get up a good lather that was going to make her hair much nicer than it would have been any other way. She also made sure that she showed how much shampoo it normally takes.

The results were really good when she was done rinsing and drying her hair. She was happy with the results, and she even took a facebook picture of the end result that showed she had no hair on the floor of her shower. Her hair looked really shiny and cute, and she was so happy that she had a beaming smile on her face. Wen by Chaz did the job that it said it was going to do with almost no product at all.