FreedomPop Using Advertising Business to Its Advantage

Advertising has always been a part of life and is an even bigger part since the internet age. Advertising on mobile phones is expanding and some carriers are using it to their advantage. Many businesses are wholly or partially funded by advertising and there is some speculation of whether mobile phone carriers could be one of those entities, according to an article on the Computer Business Review site. Carriers are using advertising to their benefit. UK carrier Three is going the route of trying to protect consumers from ads by offering a premium upgrade that filters ads for them.

However, it is obvious from app downloads that consumers don’t mind tolerating ads if the app is free. Taking advantage of this approach is FreedomPop. The mobile phone carrier offers free limited mobile phone service that includes talk, text and data. To gain more minutes, text and data, users can interact with FreedomPop partners and earn more without paying a dime. FreedomPop customers can complete offers from the company’s third party advertising partners or complete tasks. Inviting others to FreedomPop also nets users data, which in turn helps FreedomPop get customers.

FreedomPop was started in 2012 in Los Angeles and is backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico as well as other venture funding. The carrier offers free limited wireless phone and internet services and home broadband. Other plans are available for a small price that offers more minutes and data. The company also recently started offering a mobile hotspot for travelers to use in several countries throughout Europe competing with normal carriers outrageous roaming charges. The company is changing the way the mobile phone industry works.

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  1. Well if others tolerate it I don’t because I always find this adds pop ups very annoying others might be enjoying tolerating this because they are browsing for free but it is not easy. Perhaps essay writing services reviews this can help also. FreedomPop seems to be doing so well with their brand of services and that is the way with most of these companies knowing that internet service providers are selling their internet at a very high price FreedomPop has been able to maneuver their way around by using the money they get from adds to cover for their loss and that sounds cool.

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