Dealing With The Asylum Crisis in the European Union and George Soros

There are calls for the European Union to accept responsibility for the lack of a common asylum policy. This has led to the influx of refugees which has created a political crisis. The European Union member states have focused on their own interests and on a number of occasions have sabotaged each other’s interests according to a nybook report. The consequences of these actions are always felt by asylum seekers.
The European Union needs to come up with a comprehensive and effective plan that will seek to reasserts its governance over the flows of asylum-seekers. The plan to be adopted ought to extend beyond Europe’s borders. It is intended to be less disruptive and expensive in order to maintain potential asylum-seekers in their present locations. It is worth noting that a big number of the asylum-seekers are from Syria and as such both the European Union and Syria need to work together to execute this plan.

The plan entails six fundamental components to enable it to work and be successful. These components by George Soros were first expounded on Marketwatch First, the European Union has to accept that there will be approximately a million asylum-seekers annually in the future. It should provide 15,000 Euros per asylum-seeker for the first two years to cover housing, health-care and education costs. It plans to raise the funds through the issuance of long-term bonds. Syria and the European Union will be required to allow asylum-seekers to have their own preferences without any coercion whatsoever.

Secondly, the EU will have to lead the global efforts towards providing adequate funding to Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan in support of the four million refugees residing there. The funding will cover education, training and essential needs. EU would need to pledge an annual commitment to front-line countries of at least 8 billion to 10 billion euros and the United States covering the balance. Thirdly, EU must build a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and a single EU Border Guard. This will help in streamlining procedures and establishing similar rules for employment and entrepreneurship.

The EU has to establish safe channels for asylum-seekers. This will kick off by getting them from Greece and Italy to their countries of destination. This will help in calming the panic and reduce the number of migrants who cross the Mediterranean. Processing centers will need to be established at all front-line countries beginning with Turkey.

Lastly, the private sector needs to be mobilized. This will help in integrating more than a million asylum-seekers and migrants each year. The private sector will act as sponsors and comprised of NGOs, businesses and church groups. There is need for the EU to be genuine in order to end the panic and human suffering.

George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations. He is an alumni of London School Of Economics. He began his financial career in 1954. Over the years, he has worked at different companies where he became well versed with hedge fund management and financial matters.

George Soros has authored several books that have been helpful in offering insights on investments and businesses. He is a philanthropist and through Open Society, Soros has offered scholarships to black students in South Africa to enable them attend Cape Town University.