Premium Dog Food Sends Tails Wagging!


Pet owners are more concerned than ever before with appropriate nutrition for their canine family members. That’s why there are numerous companies that are rising to meet consumer demand as reported by Bloomberg News here.

Let’s take Freshpet Inc as an example. The chief executive officer there, Richard Thompson, is serious about delivering a quality product. He goes so far as to ensure that their products are made with as few preservatives as possible while utilizing only the freshest ingredients. His manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, recently even went so far as to eat a piece of their gourmet blend Chunky Chicken and Turkey recipe just to prove their point at a recent plant tour.

Utilizing only the freshest ingredients does come at quite the cost, this is a fact that is well known to investors of Freshpet and the company itself. The company originally was priced at $15 during its initial IPO however, it has recently lost about half its value over this year. Richard Thompson will not be dissuaded, he realizes that using only thfreshest ingredients requires a greater investment. They expect the company to turn a profit sometime in 2016.

When it comes to delivering top dog food choices on Walmart to consumers some of the big names have recently stepped up to the plate. Take Beneful for example, they have recently released a wide selection of premium dog food choices. They feature premium ingredients like salmon, wild rice, tomatoes and carrots.

Beneful features top ratings that make it a perfect selection for your canine companion. They boast a 95 percent user recommendation rate and a 4.7 average user review. Not only do they offer a wide selection of prime ingredient recipes, but they also have a wide variety of packages perfect for any pooches appetite. They feature resealable packages that are easily stored in your fridge for your pet’s next meal.

It’s clear that companies such as Purina and Beneful are onto something. They have realized that for us our canine friends are more than just a pet, they’re family. This commitment to delivering an excellent product is sure to leave you and your pet begging for more!


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