Doe Deere: The Colorful Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s colorful outlook helps fashion-fatigued readers take a break from the norm. In the Bustle article, “Doe Deere Of Lime Crime’s Favorite Fashion & Beauty Rules To Break”, Deere shares not only which rules to break but also teaches readers how to break them. Starting with the “bold eye with bold lip” taboo, the article moves from cosmetic fun through warnings against mixing too many colors, wearing different patterns and wearing socks with open toed shoes. With each suggestion, Doe Deere encourages readers to shamelessly express themselves, dissecting then disposing of rules governing special occasion wear, wearing black with unnatural hair colors, wearing too many colors and different color palettes, and age appropriate dressing. She admonishes readers to enjoy their clothing and to ignore the rules.

Deere believes that clothing’s positive impact should not be limited and wears clothing as her mood dictates, shunning fashion rules. This rebellious nature fuels her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Born in Russia and raised in New York, Deere feels that makeup does more than perfect your face. As a form of self-expression and freedom, her cruelty-free cosmetics grew from her experiences selling her DIY fashions on Ebay in 2004. Serving as her own model for photos meant using hard-to-find, vibrant cosmetics for consistent branding. Deere started experimenting with makeup in 2006 after discovering professional makeup lines like Ben Nye and Krylon. She shared her experimental makeup efforts on YouTube but had not discovered a retail makeup line providing the same vibrancy as professional products. With a growing following, she realized she had discovered a market and established Lime Crime in 2008. The company’s value reached the $1 billion in little time. Deere believes in knowing what her brand stands for, knowing her customers and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to trust their gut. Lime Crime’s incredible growth reflects how her outlook supports success.

Deere’s creative adventures include a stint in a rock band where she met her husband, Mark, who serves as Lime Crime’s President. An avid animal lover, Deere has three cats and regularly donates to a no-kill animal shelter in New York. While she now has a successful company of her own, she has worked for others in the past. Those experiences taught her that the best way to have an impact was to be true to herself. Her name was added to Self-Made magazine’s list of Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in 2010.

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