Doe Deere, Cosmetics Game Changer And Rule Breaker

Most people are at least somewhat concerned about their appearance. And in some cases, they’re primarily concerned about ensuring that they look like everyone else. But not Doe Deere. As an innovative cosmetics specialist who loves standing out and breaking make-up rules, Deere is passionate about using the world of lipsticks, eye shadow, glosses, and eye liner to make her face the locus of innovation. In recognizing that there are a wide range of cosmetics rules that preclude people from standing out and breaking cosmetics rules, Deere loves the process of breaking them and showing the world that people can use their face and body as a mode of self-expression that defies parochial paradigms and conventionality. Here are just a few of many cosmetics rules that Deere loves to break:

1. “Don’t Put Bold Lip Color And Bright Eye Make-up Together.”

The idea behind this rule appears to be that too much bright, bold color is distracting, loud, and obnoxious. Yet Deere finds that making one’s face stand out with bold lip color and eye make-up is fun. In fact, the cosmetics expert says she likes to break this rule on a daily basis. Two of her favorite colors to pair include rusty red eye shadow and blue lipstick.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Colors Simultaneously.

Some people think that having a lot of colors on one’s face at once creates a “loud look.” But Deere likes this aesthetic! Her favorite color combinations include hot pink with lavender, periwinkle with peach, and green with pink. She likes to use these color combos for hair as well as make-up.

3. You Can’t Wear Socks With Your Open-Toed Shoe Items.

Deere finds that socks are an incredible accessory which can depict a wide range of appealing, creative aesthetics. For this reason, she doesn’t believe in always hiding socks within close-toed shoes.

Doe Deere: A Brief Overview

Individuals who wish to learn more about Doe Deere should know that she is a make-up maven. Ever since her youth, Deere has made experimentation with colors an integral component of her daily world. She could always be found with artistic tools like pencils and paints, and she would put a wide range of experimental colors on her face whenever she had the opportunity.

Deere’s youthful passion for cosmetics remained with her into adulthood, and she decided to turn her deep love for make-up into a business called Lime Crime. This line epitomizes innovation and provides customers with the ability to cultivate unique, barrier-breaking looks that give their identities a distinct edge.