Follow Doe Deere’s Advice And Break Fashion Rules

According to Bustle, most fashion magazines print style rules to abide by. However, the makeup specialist and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics thinks differently. Doe Deere prefers to break these fashion rules rather than follow them. She believes that women can be just as stylish by doing so. She herself sports bold-colored hair and makeup and offers the same expressive, magical line of makeup from her company.

Doe has had a passion for brightly colored makeup and clothing since she was a young girl in Russia. She moved to America when she was 17 years old and started selling her uniquely designed clothing on eBay within a few short years. Her passion soon evolved to makeup. She saw a need in the cosmetic industry and decided to answer that call. She stands behind every one of her cosmetics, and she personally experiments and tests each product before they are available to her customers.

Rule #1: Bold Eye and Lip Makeup Do Not Go Together

Generally, either eyes or lips can be bold colors, but not both. Doe feels that both can be bright shades of the same or different colors. More color is better, fun and refreshing.

Rule #2: Do Not Wear Multiple Colors

Traditionally, it is overkill to wear too many shades. Doe says it is creative, expressive and appealing to combine multiple colors.

Rule #3: Do Not Wear Multiple Patterns Together

Wearing multiple patterns looks too busy. Doe says this can be done as long as they are the same shade or the colors compliment each other.

Rule #4: No Socks With High Heels or Open-Toe Shoes

Socks are not usually worn with dressy high heels or open-toe shoes. Doe believes that doing so is stylish and expressive. Socks should coordinate well in color with the shoes.

Rule #5: Black or Other Neutral Makeup Colors Are the Only Choices For Those With Unnatural Hair Color

Hair that is an off-beat color like blue, pink and green for example should only be paired with neutral tones of black, brown or gray. Doe feels that wild-colored hair is complimented with contrasting colors.

Rule #6: Dress Age Appropriate

Young women should not dress in the same style as older women and vice versa. Doe says there is no age limit to fashion. Older women can wear fun stuff, too. Any color, style or pattern can be worn at any age.

Rule #7: Dress Specifically For the Occasion

Fancy apparel should only be worn for special occasions. Doe believes that even fancy clothes can be worn anytime and complimented by a sweater or other accessory. Women should wear what makes them happy no matter what the occasion.

Doe Deere feels that makeup and fashion should be fun, creative and expressive. She is not afraid to express her inner self, and she encourages other women to do the same. She often offers advice to other women desiring to pursue their dreams so they can experience the same happiness and success that she has.