Dick DeVos Shows Us Why Being a Winner Doesn’t Have to Mean Stomping on Toes

All too often, we hear about corporate giants that forge their way to the top by crushing the little people. They take what they want; leave no prisoners; produce defective products that hurt more people than help them; and run companies that do very little to make their workers’ lives better.

While many modern companies like Virgin Mobile, Amazon and Google are now starting to realize that promising a highly-rewarding work environment and an excellent quality product or service means better work from your staff, and a better response from the public; the Amway Company has known this for years. 

In addition, to launching a bestselling product line that independent contractors could use to build realistic small businesses for themselves; the company treats its employees with respect and has always participated in extensive charitable giving.

In fact, some of the top organizations that receive donations from the DeVos family include:

-Faith based organizations that are affiliated with the Reformed Church of America, the -organization the DeVos family has strong, spiritual ties to;
-Children’s hospitals,
-Colleges and universities, 
-Arts and music organizations, 
-Community revitalization organizations,
-Organizations against domestic violence, and 
-Programs to help disadvantaged people improve their job prospects

The family is considered one of the top in the nation when it comes to philanthropy and all of the DeVos children are part of this activity, not just the Helen and Richard.

In addition, to making an effort to continue in his mother and father’s footsteps with his giving. Dick DeVos has also spent much of his life focusing on developing a strong business mind and doing things to help others be successful. He’s also taken a lot of pride in his local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan by donating $75 million to the Downtown Revitalization Project, $212 million to the Convention Center, $130 million to the Heart Hospital, $90 million to the local medical school and $30 million to the Downtown Marketplace, according to an MLive article.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick attributes his spirit of giving to his father’s philanthropic example set for him throughout his entire life. This is what prompted him to start his own charity, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Though most people with superficial ideals would view Dick as a, “winner,” simply because he’s done things like:

-Held several executive positions, including Vice President of Amway,
-Served as President of the Orlando Magic and corporations like Amway and Windquest,
-Become a champion sailor, and 
-Become a well-trained, qualified jet and helicopter pilot

Dick has also tried to make similar opportunities available to others, (and even those with disadvantages), by financially supporting scholarships, education funds, and both small and large colleges and universities. Many of the education projects and organizations he chooses to fund include those that encourage hard work, business education and aviation education. I think that’s what makes him a, “winner,” too!

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