Health Conscious Pet Parents Turn The Tide In Dog Food Sales

For people who have pets, it’s like having a child in the family. Pets like dogs need constant care and attention, not unlike children, except that they never grow up. As such, it becomes a pet parent’s primary responsibility to ensure that everything that goes into their dog’s food bowl is brimming with nutrition. Some pet parents who take this responsibility quite seriously have influenced the sale of dog food so much that brands are coming up with healthier alternatives to traditional dog food. The brand leading this race is Nestle’s Purina with its Beneful brand. This company has been known to cater exclusively to the tastes of dogs. Every dog has a Beneful flavor because every product is crafted with love and care. Dog breeds that are known to be picky eaters (like pugs) love Beneful’s different meal options. This brand has the basics like chicken and beef covered but there are a few other amazing flavors for those dogs that have a refined palette. Other brands are upping their healthy game too and trying their best to amp up the competition. If pet parents want the freshest refrigerated food for their pets, they can turn towards Freshpet Inc.  Cesar Home Delights, on the other hand, is catering to those dogs that have extremely delicate requirements – like Beef Stroganoff or Lasagna. Most dogs love jerky and pet parents have to use it sparingly because the jerky available for humans can be toxic to dogs. However, Milo’s Kitchen has a ready solution to this problem. Their pet jerky products are not only healthy and non-problematic for dogs but they also have duck jerky for pets. One of their treats is in the flavor of beef burgers. However, for pet parents who don’t want to drill a massive hole in their budget but still care about their pet’s’ health, Beneful is the best option at hand.

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  1. There is an amazing variety of all kinds of dog food with them and they are quite affordable as well. With refrigeration, the food is as fresh as it can possibly be for the dog’s consumption. It the easiest thing in which can control and also use it in a beneficial way which might not be a serious thing altogether.

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