Is Life Easier With Today’s Dating Apps?

As parents, we worry what sites our children visit and whether they are safe. It is just part of the animal instinct in us. Today we look at the most common apps and how we can protect our precious babies in them.


Skout is a dating app like no other. It has grown from 2007 when it had 1000 users to today having more than 500 million.10 million are active daily on the platform. It is one of the best for your teen. It has a set of filters and control that seek to control access to data with an age limit.


Skout is easy to use dating app that combines the best of all worlds. It was initially a social app and was launched as a dating app. Around 2007, the owners found that most use it to date and so relaunched it as a dating app.It has since given birth to other apps like Nixter and Fuse.


Skout has a clean easy to use and understand interface. You just need to sign up with them, and you are ready to go. Don’t worry about your teenager as the age limit will protect them. If the system detects they are underage, it automatically limits their access to various features.


Tinder is one of the most used dating apps. It evolved from just Tinder to Tinder+ in March 2015. They recently introduced a feature where a user can be confident of their match. The use is to meet a person and show they are very interested. It allows one to study that if a user gives three super likes then that could be the best match. The developers of the app have been careful not to disclose any information to anyone unless they swipe right of each other.


With dating apps like Tinder and Tumblr, many people have found even wives and husbands or just companions. Most of them use the social network platforms to help connect the different people using the apps hence fostering easy socialization.


When using Tinder, the clients are to swipe right of each other. Otherwise, the match will not be accepted. The app allows the user also to view the Instagram profiles of their peers as well as Facebook profiles. With many of the users satisfied with the results that Tinder offers it’s safe to say that technology has helped go a step further in uniting the world.


Other apps include time-based slabs that allow one to post messages that will auto-delete after a period. They have been accused of fueling sexting, and you should warn your teens on using them.


Allow your teenagers to go out there and have fun

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