Healthcare Company Balances Patient Satisfaction with Business Acumen

Nobilis Health has had a remarkable year in which they not only managed seven ambulatory and acute treatment centers, but also acquired two new hospitals and a multi million dollar facility with GE Capital. These achievements are made all the more impressive when considered under the fact that this very significant growth in the range and scope of their business has occurred in a market that has been consistently trending according to Yahoo Finance downward worldwide. The gains of Nobilis Health in the first half of the year have led to awareness and admiration in the financial community and in turn to favorable reviews of Nobilis Health’s stock and its potential to do well for its investors on the market. These note worthy achievements are not only exciting but also promising and give reason to believe that the future for Nobilis Health in business and management is bright, and with such success and gains in business it would stand to reason that the logistics of patient care and customer service might become an after thought or even a low priority to the company. But Nobilis Health in fact have furthered their business interests by keeping better care and availability of care to patients their top priority. Their acquisitions of new hospitals and management of their facilities are done with an eye towards keeping the best interests of the patient at heart. Nobilis Health’s ambulatory and acute care facilities provide patients with an accessible option for non or minimally invasive treatment – including surgical procedures – and innovative treatments and surgical procedures like spinal laser surgery, that patients might not otherwise be aware of. These facilities are designed to provide practical and affordable treatment for issues and illnesses that are truly relevant to the every day and immediate health and well being of patients including migraines, chronic pain, spinal injuries and obesity and its complications. In addition to their patient centric approach to treatment centers, Nobilis Health have a strong social media presence that allows patients to interact with company personnel and provides them with a place to leave reviews of their experiences at the company’s facilities. The company also uses its social media accounts to announce changes and events taking place at Nobilis Health keeping patients and followers aware of their dealings with a great amount of transparency, and furthers the admirable efforts of the company to balance business acumen with care for patients.