A Report On The 2015 New York Real Estate Development Sales

The New York Real Estate development is experiencing high sales due to the modern home design and residence. The Town Residential has adopted a current strategic plan of attracting customers by inventing new marketing strategy. Current reports disclosed an increase in price averaging to two million dollars. The report is according to the virtual strategy marketing news.

The New York Residential serves as the leading firm offering the most luxurious real estate apartments, made a complete release on the actual estate industry progress. The residential released a comprehensive report that was based on 2015 fourth quarter. The Manhattan sales averaged an increment of five percent as compared to the other quarters. The total sales amounted up to 1,976,660 dollars. The number was a bit higher as compared to 2014, which registered 1,150,000 dollars. The percentage increment of the real estate apartment sales accounted for sixteen percent.

At the end of last year, price per square foot continued to set new records as the trend marked a six percent increase when compared to the cost of per square foot in 2014. The sales of Manhattan condos made a record after increasing for the years consecutively. The condos were sold at 1,736,250 million dollars for the last four months of 2015. The price per square foot also increased by about eleven percent, which was much higher as 2014 experienced a seven percent increase in prices.

Manhattan co-operatives 2015 fourth quarter encountered an amount of 1,272,902 million dollars that was a remarkable increase when compared to the third quarter that accounted for 1,217,017 million dollars. These prices made a percentage increase of 4.6 percent. The average price of the co-operation has been rising consecutively on a year basis. The average price per square foot registered a 6.3 percent with a sale of 1,087 dollars per square foot. This report indicated the significant sales made in the business year 2015.