Doe Deere Does Not Follow Any Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is a fashion blogger who is unique because there are no rules that she follows. She wears the colors, patterns and choices that she likes and manages to look good while she is doing so. She does not just naturally look good wearing outrageous outfits. The key to her looking good is the confidence that she has to be able to wear what she wants. She knows that the rules are ridiculous and chooses not to follow them because she likes things that do not fit into the rules that are set for people to be able to dress properly.

Choosing to not follow the rules has led Doe Deere to be able to make some of the best choices when it comes to her dressing. This is something that has allowed her not only to gain confidence, but has allowed her to be a prominent figure in the fashion world. She is widely recognized for her bold choices and her middle finger up to the fashion world. She does so to not only show the rules don’t apply, but also because these are the styles that she feels the most comfortable in. Choosing these styles has allowed her to feel better about herself and invoked confidence on a regular basis.

If you are someone who dresses religiously according to the way that fashion dictates, you may have heard that it is a bad idea to wear patterns that clash. These clashing patterns are something that many have seen in the fashion world and you may be concerned that wearing roses with houndstooth is a bad idea. Doe Deere knows that no matter what the patterns look like together, you can wear them. Be sure to choose patterns that you love to look at instead of worrying about ones that clash.

Bold colors are fun to use and you don’t have to choose just one for your face. Fashion rules dictate your makeup choices as well as your clothing choices. These rules say that you cannot wear a bold lipstick with a bold eye. Doe Deere knows that it can be very pleasing to your makeup look if you want to do bold on both your eyes and your lips. You don’t have to make the choice of a bold lip and a boring eye just because some fashion rule says that you should not be able to do both of them.

There are many other things relating to fashion that Doe Deere knows don’t need to happen. Among these things include dressing for your age, dressing for occasion and dressing for your hair and skin type. She knows that it can be very fun to dress non age appropriately and that you will be able to feel younger and better about yourself if you do. You can also choose to dress however you want, no matter the occasion. As for dressing for your hair color, that is something that is ridiculous and goes along with the clashing theory.

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