Steve Murray, the brain behind CCMP Capital’s success and achievements

CCMP Capital has a management portfolio team that help companies to make sober and informed decisions about the investments in order to reach the desired goal. This includes investing internationally or locally the funds required for purchase and closely examine the performance of the investment and balance the risk.

CCMP Capital has historic and sentimental use of its initials. This name is set in stone for both the present and future financial organizations to recognize the outstanding and remarkable success the company has acquired through the years of its existence.

CCMP Capital chose a diverse and profitable field for investments in order to have endless opportunities in such industries as retail, consumer, and energy, industrial and healthcare.

Steve Murray co-founded this company, a spin out of the JP Morgan Chase. In 2007, he was named CCMP Capital’s CEO taking over from his predecessor or and group founder Jeff Walker. Under Murray’s leadership, CCMP the company raised over 3.6 Billion dollars.

He had been one of two CCMP senior executives listed on SEC filings for that fund and one of five control persons listed on the company’s most recent Form ADV. Murray left CCMP Capital early this year before due to health related reasons.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has over the years earned the trust, confidence of many of the world’s most established, and successful limited partners in the private equity asset industry. CCMP Capital’s investors include a wide variety of constituencies including sovereign wealth funds, corporate and private pension funds, high net worth investors and funds of funds among others. Moreover, the company’s investment professionals invest a percentage of their own net worth besides its limited partners.

CCMP Capital considers its limited partners’ confidence to invest as in the firm as the core success asset for the company. The company is fully committed to honor that trust through excellent investment execution and superior investor relationship management.

As of July 31, 2006 CCMP had invested approximately 12 billion dollars in leveraged buyout and growth capital since its inception in 1984.

The company was ranked among 17 Worlds largest privately owned equity funds in 2007

With Offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and New York, CCMP has over fifty employees working daily to ensure its success in the industry.

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  1. At the time of his demise in March 2015, Murray was on the board of several institutions. CCMP will forever be grateful for Murray’s positive contributions to the success of the company and its predecessors. That is going to have to do as long as would be the very thing in which everything is done for them to understand everything needed for them.

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