Break the Mold with Lime Crime’s Fantasy Makeup Hues

Be bold! Go for drama! Lime Crime dares a girl to stand out from the crowd with more color, more sparkle, more gloss, and more more with their line of long-lasting makeup.

The Skinny on the Queen of Lime Crime Herself
Doe Deere had always had difficulty obtaining the bright lip and eye makeup that fit with her unique style. Fast forward to 2008: she founded Lime Crime to gratify her own personal taste in makeup and share what she loved with the world. Lime Crime has grown from offering just 13 eyeshadows and 10 lipsticks to marketing dozens of products for eyes, lips, and nails. The company has plans to launch fantasy colored hair dye within months. Beloved by makeup aficionados, professional makeup artists, and those who like to change up their traditional style, Lime Crime is making its mark online and through word of mouth. So what is this successful fledgling company really all about? The makeup, of course.

Make That Pout Stand Out
Lipsticks from Lime Crime come in all sorts of flirty and fun hues. A favorite with customers, the Velvetines are liquid to matte lipsticks that dry in seconds and last all day. Whether a girl wants to “Jinx” a crush with her bewitching purple pout or cause “Trouble” with her olive pucker, The Velvetines provide a rich matte look. For girls who prefer sparkle and gloss, try Lime Crime’s Carousel Glosses. Others might feel like a fairy princess, or the seductive wicked witch, in one of the Unicorn Lipsticks.

An Eye to Remember
Just try finding Lazuli blue eyeliner at the big box stores. For eyeliner that sizzles and can be applied in a thick dramatic line, a girl need look no further than Lime Crime’s eyeliners. She can get a color to match every outfit from classic black to bright chartreuse. Lime Crime’s also has eyeshadows and Zodiac inspired glitter to make a girl’s eyes just pop.

Finishing Touches
Perfectly manicured nails catch the eye. But with Lime Crime, a girl can take style to a whole new level. Offered in five confectionery shades, nails will never look so fine as when clothed in Lime Crime polish. And although they have not yet come out with the promised hair dye, Lime Crime offers advice on how to pair different bright hair shades with colors of makeup.

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