How to Improve Your Fanbase on Youtube

Lots of people having their own success stories. Lots of people sharing their stories to help out others. Many of these success stories are being shared by Youtubers on their personal channels.

How many out there have their own channel? How many are looking to get more followers? I ma quite sure a few of you are in this boat. Well, it’s really not that hard. All you have to do is keep your eyes on the trends.


What is current right now? What is catching people’s eyes? You have to be saying/doing something that will want someone to take a chance on you. Lots of newbies to Youtube run into this challenge. This is why keeping your eyes on the trends is very important.

1) The title: The title is going to be the first thing your audience will see. Try to include popular words. This will help you out in the rankings and SEO conversions. The title needs to be relevant and short. Short and sweet. Nothing long-winded. Less is always going to be more.

2)The introduction: This is what your fanbase will see right away. Make it your own, but do not make it boring or predictable. Each introduction needs to identify your brand. Make it professional. The more you do this, the more people will start paying attention to you.

3)Introduce yourself: Always make sure everything is coming from you. Identify your name and purpose, but don’t be boring or pompous about it. The idea is to get people to come back to you.

4)Learn to laugh at yourself: Make fun of your own mistakes. The biggest mistake that some Youtubers make is taking themselves too seriously. Do not take yourself or your brand too seriously. If your audience notices this in any way, this could end up being a turnoff.

Place some bloopers at the end, if you feel so inclined. Sometimes the bloopers are funnier than the actual story being told. This will get you some more likes. The more people like what you do, the more your fanbase will grow.


Wengie is taking Tumblr by storm. She is based in Australia. She is obsessed with beauty and fashion. It’s this obsession that she brings to her audience and her channel.
This will give you an insight to how Wengie does it. Use this a guide to help promote your brand. Wengie is her own person and creation. It’s time you become yours.